Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to the Spoonie Style--Not Just Cute Pajamas BLOG!

If you're a Spoonie, you know that choosing what to wear can be fraught with peril! We all have the list of no-no's: no cinched waists; no underwires; no high heels; no polyester. Nothing tight, nothing itchy, nothing with a lot of buttons or fastenings. Nothing that needs dry cleaning or hand washing or special underwear or good posture! Living in pajamas can be a tempting alternative, but WE DESERVE BETTER. YOU deserve to be gorgeous and stylish and look like a million bucks, even if you feel like about a dollar and a half. Spoonie Style is a place to celebrate what we CAN have.

I hope you'll join me as every week I feature stories about spoonie-friendly clothes, beauty products, tips and tricks for making the most of your spoons, and features on my favorite "non-traditional" fashion role modes and activists in the body-positivity movement.  I'm so excited to begin this journey with you.

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