Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thrift Shop Fur

One of the biggest trends this winter has been the Big Fluffy Furry Coat--faux fur in most collections, but the real thing is getting more play as spring approaches.  It's a bold, playful look, especially in bright colors and prints and fabulous textures, and it can be remarkably versatile.  I love a statement piece that elevates basics to showstopping heights...though as a Spoonie, I sometimes have reservations about faux fur.  It is typically made of polyester, and while outerwear is one of the few places I feel okay making an exception to the no-poly rule, a big furry coat that does not breathe can be tricky for Spoonies whose body temperatures fly all over the place.  You definitely don't want to arrive at your destination glamorous and showstopping but very, very DAMP.  Choosing a coat that leaves some of your neck exposed, and that can be worn open for ventilation and still look fabulous, will go a long way toward keeping you glam.

My own interpretation of the trend started years ago when I found a classic piece for a few dollars at a local thrift store: a persian lamb evening coat with a mink collar and bracelet sleeves.  The texture was intoxicating, the workmanship was divine, and I HAD to have it.  I tried, and tried, and tried to wear it over the years, but it just felt like a costume.  It was sooooooooo vintage, and not in the right way.  Late last year, our puppy chewed on the mink collar, and I discovered that it was just hand-tacked in place.  I snipped the connecting threads, and suddenly I had a divine, timeless, gorgeous coat.  

The moral of the story here is that you can't be too much in awe of a special piece of vintage or designer clothing--if it's not working for you, and you're not wearing it, whether the issue is style or fit or comfort, never be afraid to have something altered or get rid of it altogether.  We are all guilty of keeping "aspirational" clothes--things that sit in our closets and remind us that if we were just BETTER (thinner, fitter, stronger, braver, more social, more professional) we could wear them.  You do NOT need to change for the sake of your clothes.  They are there to serve you, the beautiful, fabulous you that ALREADY exists.

The purse is also a thrift shop find--and while most fashion blogs avoid one-of-a-kind vintage and thrifted pieces because readers can't duplicate the look exactly, I think Spoonie Style is really all about taking the simple, comfortable basics that are reliably Spoonie friendly and making them our own with fantastic, highly personal accessories.  In that spirit, I'm including links to Etsy Treasuries of items similar in look or spirit to the vintage pieces featured in my posts.  Etsy is an AMAZING online resource for unique vintage and handmade items and possibly my single most-loved shopping destination.  You can view ALL my Etsy Treasuries (and there will be more every week) by searching "Spoonie Style" on the Treasuries page HERE:

Get The Look:

Etsy Treasury of fab Persian Lamb coats and jackets 

Etsy Treasury of Box Purses and Cage Bags

Watch from Mini In The Box

Necklace, Walmart, in stores only.

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