Friday, January 16, 2015

Wardrobe Must-Have--the Stretchy Little Black Dress

The Little Black Stretchy Dress, Styled for a dressy dinner or a wedding.

I look very "done up" and elegant here, but what I'm actually wearing is a one piece dress that falls straight from the shoulders like a nightgown, and flat morroccan slippers, meant for around the house.  That's the beauty of Spoonie Style dressing--minimal compromise of comfort  (yes, I AM wearing a bra) with a maximum payoff of style.    
Dress by Jessica London--on clearance for 19.99 right now!  It runs big, especially in the hips, so size down unless you have a dramatic pear shape.  Then rock it and be proud!  Necklace by Walmart ($10).  Shoes thrifted.

I am NOT one to come up with a big list of rules for what to wear--I think anything can be a wardrobe stable as long as you feel fabulous in it, BUT I do make an exception for the little black dress....and for Spoonies, a Little Black STRETCHY Dress is a real lifesaver.  An ideal simple black dress can take you to a dressy dinner, a funeral, a court appearance, even a job interview, with just a careful change of accessories.

A dress in a soft, stretchy fabric, that doesn't bind at the waist or anywhere else is a must-have for every Spoonie.  It's like a nightgown-comfy piece you can wear anywhere and look totally chic doing it, and the ways to style it are ENDLESS and go waaaaaay past dressing-up events like the four listed above.  I'll be featuring the Little Black Dress and ways to style it as a regular weekly item on the blog, so stay tuned.

You want a dress in a simple cut and a dense enough knit fabric that it won't pill or cling after a few washings, and it should be a NON-POLYESTER fabric.  Polyester has come a long way, and microfiber knits are heavenly soft, but and the end of the day, it's still made of plastic.  For a Spoonie, the ziploc-bag effect can be more than a little unpleasant--with chronic rashes, random sweating and chills from medications or hormones, chafing,...well, you get the idea.  Stick to fabrics that breathe.

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