Friday, January 23, 2015

The (Very) Luxe Duster

The Luxe Duster (Hello Instant Glamor!)

Dusters have really come into their own as a staple this winter, in every possible variety from a basic elongated cardigan to something as fabulous as, well, THIS beaded burnout velvet number from Soft Surroundings.  I LOVE the juxtaposition of the intense glamour over jeans.  It has the attitude of the sequins-for-day trend without being itchy and painful, and the silk and rayon blend velvet is irresistibly soft to the touch and just intoxicating to wrap yourself in.  It flows like a dream.

Even better, for a really formal occasion--a wedding, black-tie night on a cruise, a gala, this is a piece that elevates your little black dress or even a simple pair of flowing pants into a showstopping look with complete comfort and ease.  You can swan around among all the women cinched into gowns and five-inch heels and complicated hair, and be ABSOLUTELY as comfy as lounging around the house and still incredibly fabulous.  The burnout portion is actually fairly sheer, so you get coverage without completely sacrificing sex appeal, too. 

This is more of an investment piece than a lot of what I feature on Spoonie Style, but it's a piece with legs--you'll wear this more than a half dozen panic-purchased polyester cocktail dresses you "HAD" to buy for a dressy event, and you'll enjoy it more, too....and it will save your life when you don't have the spoons to "do up" the glam factor--throw it over almost anything and it replaces piles of jewelry and makeup and hair.

Soft Surroundings is a great place to find unusual, highly embellished statement pieces.  They have a good plus-size selection but the fit on their tops tends to cater to a proportionally smaller bust, regardless of size.

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